Welcome to The Art Hand

WSean and Miranda Corcorane are an art school near Bunmahon on the Waterford coast in Ireland that runs art classes for kids and a range of Adult Courses. We have designed a wide variety of programs including painting, drawing, photography, stained glass, mosaic and more.

Classes are small, the workshop and studio space is well equipped, warm and bright. The classes are run by professional artists Sean and Miranda Corcoran and other specialist tutors in our custom-built facility.

The Art Hand, Logo, The Copper Coast, Art School, Waterford, Ireland

We also teach an Art Program in Waterford Primary Schools and facilitate Group Artworks including Murals and Mosaics that enhance buildings. For further details of this facility please visit our Schools page.

We also run a Film facility called Copper Coast Productions that produces films and screens films in a variety of venues. We assist film-makers who want to come to the area to make their films.

We are located in a spectacular rural landscape in an area of great natural beauty called the Copper Coast. To find out more about our location or for directions please click HERE.

To keep up to date with what’s happening at The Art Hand please view our News page. If you join our Email List (top right of this page) you will receive an email each time we update our News section. To see even more regular updates please join the thousands of fans on our Facebook page. For more details or to make an enquiry please contact us.

16 Responses to Welcome to The Art Hand

  1. We look forward to welcoming you to The Art Hand.

  2. Patti austin says:

    Hi Sean. Do you have your schedule of courses worked out for 2013 yet? Patrick’s and Pamela’s? Thanks. . Patti. Gran_patti@netzero.net

    • Hi Patti, we won’t have a schedule of courses worked out until after March due to other commitments with our Kids Classes and a film production deadline in March. I will let you know when Patrick and Pamela’s courses are online again. Thanks and I hope the weather in the States is not affecting you too much.

  3. John says:

    Where’s Matilda?

  4. writerlyderv says:

    Hi Sean. Thanks for the friend request on Facebook.

  5. David Muller says:

    Thanks for hosting the conference with the Luck, Wisconsin writers yesterday. We all enjoyed hearing your poems and readings!

  6. Seán,
    Nice meeting you yesterday as you created something interesting on the strand at nearby Kilmurrin Cove. Three images depicting your artwork can now be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mazurka666
    Best Wishes!

  7. Aoife says:

    Hi im looking to do some art classes. Im off mondays. Any classes going?

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