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Locally made films to air at Festivals, Online and on TV…We’re delighted to announce that our film ‘Down the Ladder’ has been selected by the Waterford Film Festival to screen on November 9th at 8.30pm in the Granville Hotel, Waterford city. All are welcome to attend, tickets are available on the festival website. ‘Down the Ladder’ is a silent movie set in the 1800’s that tells the story of a day in the life of a copper mining family in Bunmahon. The film is part of a series of films that were commissioned by The Metal Links project and can be seen in the meantime at the Copper Coast Geopark Centre.

Down the Ladder

A huge community involvement made this film what it is. The film was written by Sean Corcoran and produced and directed by Angela Mulcahy and Sean Corcoran. Cinematography is by Mook and Alex Vignes. The film was edited by John Loftus. The original score is by Eric Sweeney. The cast includes Ozzy Walsh (as pictured above) as the boy and Stephen Forristal as the Man.

Also delighted to say that ‘Down the Ladder’ will be shown during the Imagine Arts Festival as part of History and Heritage day on the 26th of October at 5 pm in Greyfriars Municipal Gallery with a talk by Geologist Tina Keating. Admission to this one is free. To celebrate the acknowledgements that ‘Down the Ladder’ is receiving will shortly release a ‘behind the scenes’ film that was made by Mark Fitzsimons and Sam Miles and funded by the Waterford County Council Arts Office.

More great film news…We’re delighted to say that you can now view a full length version of ‘Village by the Sea’ on an online showcase of New Zealand television and film (NZ on Screen). Sean Corcoran of The Art Hand was the Production Coordinator and Angela Mulcahy was the Production Manager and the Assistant Director for the Michael Heath film that was filmed by Stephen Latty. The 60 minute documentary film tells the story of artist Edith Collier’s time in Ireland in the early 1900’s.

This film was shot in Bunmahon on The Copper Coast last year. It is currently being shown in film festivals in China and India and is being scheduled for TV broadcast in New Zealand. We had an Irish premiere of the film last December at the Copper Coast Geopark Centre but hopefully RTE will pick up on it too.

Click HERE to view Village by the Sea.

About Sean Corcoran

Artistic Director of The Art Hand in Bunmahon on Waterford's Copper Coast, Ireland. An Art School that runs courses in Stained Glass, Mosaic, Batik and Beach Art. I'm a Sand Artist, drawing massive pictures on beaches with a rake!
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