Confessions of a Beach Artist

Our artistic director Sean Corcoran has a confession to make…

“I’m currently consumed by beach art. When I can help it I live by the tides rather than by the time or day. Low tide is such a wonderful thing. My fascination for beach art began in April 2013 when I observed and photographed a Sand Circle created by a Racehorse and his Trainer on Kilmurrin Cove”.

Beach Art by Sean Corcoran, Waterford, Ireland.“Since then I’ve studied the work of great sand artists including Andres Amador from California, Samuel Dougados from France and Andy Coutanche from Jersey. I even managed to bring them to Tramore for The Promenade Festival for which I am the artistic director. I eventually took to the sand myself and I really love it. I find it invigorating. There is a strange sense of time standing still; self-conscious worldly woes are left behind, as if there is no past or future, just the present. Apart of course for the inevitable tides approach”.Beach Art by Sean Corcoran, Waterford, Ireland.“I love seeing the reaction from passers-by who might not be exposed to art too often. I have to admit I like to be an anonymous spectator when the artwork is complete and have conversations with anyone who comes along. The conversation is never as honest if they know I’ve made it and some of the comments are priceless!”Beach Art by Sean Corcoran, Waterford, Ireland.

“Collaborative art has become a very important part of my art and life. I love the challenge of trying to connect with a large group of people through art. I find creating beach art with groups to be very rewarding. Participants often say that the experience is uplifting and therapeutic on many different levels. The fact that the tide will wash it all away creates a poignant atmosphere yet the unity of purpose makes it a joyous occasion. People can connect with themselves and others in a very simple way”.Beach Art Waterford Ireland Sean Corcoran

“It’s good exercise too, running around in the fresh sea air whatever the weather! Have a go yourself, bring a rake to the beach or join me on one of our group workshops or community events. Most of my beach art is created on the Copper Coast and in Tramore but if you’d like to commission me I’d be happy to take on a challenge at your local beach”.Beach Art by Sean Corcoran, Waterford, Ireland.

To find out more about my beach art please visit our beach art page here;

Here’s a slideshow of images that show a wide variety of my beach art from sand drawings to rock art as well as our collaborative environmental art projects.

About Sean Corcoran

Artistic Director of The Art Hand in Bunmahon on Waterford's Copper Coast, Ireland. An Art School that runs courses in Stained Glass, Mosaic, Batik and Beach Art. I'm a Sand Artist, drawing massive pictures on beaches with a rake!
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