OM KALI Sand Art and Mantra Film

This film features Sand Art by Sean Corcoran and a Sanskrit Mantra by Cheryl Beer. It was filmed on Bunmahon Beach at the heart of The Copper Coast in Waterford, Ireland, on November 25th, 2015. This was the full moon and the lowest tide of the month.

This collaborative project brings together the therapeutic and ephemeral nature of sand art with the meditative and spiritual qualities of Mantra. The drawing in the sand depicts a creature with eight intertwined arms, an octopus of sorts. The drama of the sea and sky are evident throughout the film as is the inevitable tide reclaiming the beach. The Mantra was specially recorded in Wales and is based on a track from Cheryl’s live album ‘Apples in the Rain”.

As is the tradition within Sanskrit Mantra particularly with Tibetan Monks we have not applied a pre-ordained meaning to the soundtrack or indeed to the sand art. Instead we ask you to experience the film openly and to gain your own connection with the work.

Sean Corcoran is an Irish Visual Artist based at The Art Hand in Waterford. It’s an art school that runs group workshops and events in Beach Art, Stained Glass, Mosaic and Batik. Sean works with communities and schools around the country and is an award winning film maker.

Cheryl Beer is a renowned Singer Songwriter based in Wales. She is also a qualified Sound Healing Therapist. Her ground breaking and award winning work with people with Dementia has recently earned her a prize for Outstanding Contribution from the University of South Wales and a Wales Care Forum National Gold Award. Her work is now recommended as best practice in social care via the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Sand Art by Sean Corcoran
Assisted by Jim Corcoran and Manolo Froelich

Sanskrit Mantra by Cheryl Beer
Recorded and mixed by Jeff Beer

Cinematography by Keith Fitzgerald and Sean Corcoran
Edited by Sean Corcoran

This film was released on New Years Day at 12 noon (UTC) in 2016. Please view at the higher quality setting of 1080p HD (Settings cog on bottom right of screen).

This film is dedicated to the memory of Denis Whelan.

This film was created to support elderly people living with Dementia.

You can help by downloading Cheryl Beer’s CD ‘Apples in the Rain’ here;…

Or by donating to the Sound Memories project here;

About Sean Corcoran

Artistic Director of The Art Hand in Bunmahon on Waterford's Copper Coast, Ireland. An Art School that runs courses in Stained Glass, Mosaic, Batik and Beach Art. I'm a Sand Artist, drawing massive pictures on beaches with a rake!
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