Do you Cartoon? The Art and practice of Cartooning and Illustration with Fintan Taite

Cartoon, illustration with Fintan Taite, The Art HandArrival and Registration is on Tuesday May 8th  at 7pm
The course is 5 full days; Wed/Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun 13thth May 2012

This exciting course will introduce participants to the world of professional Cartooning and illustration. Learn the ropes from one of Ireland’s leading professional Illustrators and past Chairman of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland, Fintan Taite.

Instruction will be given on traditional tools, techniques and the skills required to produce professional standard work in both areas. Course participants will develop concepts and learn to produce work from rough sketches to finished artwork. Project work will be based on real freelance Illustration briefs completed throughout Fintan’s career.

Areas covered include: Character design, inking, editorial cartooning for magazines and newspapers, book illustration, drawing for comic books, caricature, character design, advertising work and the practical side of life as a commercial artist. There will be detailed handouts on each subject.

This is an intensive 5 day course suitable for both beginners and budding professionals. The exercises and assignments will be tailored to suit each individual’s skill level in a no pressure positive atmosphere. The aim is that each  student will leave the course with their knowledge and skills significantly enhanced no matter what level they are currently at. Students work will be displayed and discussed openly on the final day of the course.

The cost for this course is €495 which includes evening meals. Accommodation is not included but can be arranged at a nearby house. Numbers are limited so booking is essential.

What to bring; Drawing materials are not included in the cost of this course. Here is a list of the essential items you will need; Any cheap drawing paper for rough sketches, (there’s a lot of drawing!) erasers, brushes, black waterproof ink, traditional pen drawing nibs and holder. A fairly smooth heavyweight paper is needed for ink work. Hot pressed water-colour paper is particularly good for line work and colour. Cold pressed paper can also be used if it’s relatively smooth. Any water based colour medium that you wish to use is fine. If you have any queries about any of these items just ask and we will help.

Cartoon, illustration with Fintan Taite, The Art Hand

About Fintan Taite: Fintan is an award-winning Dublin Cartoonist, Illustrator and teacher with over 10 successful years in Editorial Illustration, Advertising, Comics and Book Illustration. He’s also an Animation graduate of DLIADT and past chairman of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland.

‘when I was about 5 or 6 my career in cartooning began by attempting to trace my favorite cartoon characters using some grease proof cooking paper borrowed from my Mothers kitchen. Flushed with pride at my masterpiece I brought it into School the next day to show my teacher and friends. Unfortunately that very same day another kid in my class brought in some Disney characters  he had drawn And got all the attention! So I gave up tracing and began to try and learn how to draw. I’m still learning.’

The Uninvited by Fintan Taite, The Art Hand

The Uninvited by Fintan Taite

We have prepared a selection of Fintan’s work HERE.

To view more of Fintan’s work please visit his website