Draw from Life with Ger kennedy

Do you believe that drawing involves working only on a sheet of plain paper with a pencil? This course will introduce you to ways of working with a wide range of markmakers on different types of surface; scratching on cardboard, smudging on watercolour paper, daubing on shopping bags, as well as drawing on sheets of clean white cartridge paper.

Do you think that drawing from life means merely drawing a wine bottle and a bowl of fruit? In this exciting course participants will work with nude models, as well as a wine bottle or two, and the odd bowl of fruit.

This three-day lifedrawing course will cover aspects of line, tone, form, perspective, as well as encouraging a dialogue between the artist and the model. Dialogue and peer review will be encouraged between the artists themselves also.

The course will begin with a series of drawing exercises, some of which are fun and unexpected, leading on to longer drawings. Most of this work will be with a live model. You will also work from photographs taken of the model.

Some students may choose to make several short studies of the model. Others may want to work on the same pose for some hours. Ger will guide you in your choice. Don’t be overawed if you feel that lifedrawing is beyond your capabilities. You will finish this course with a sense of achievement, honed skills and enthusiasm for more.

The cost for this course is €295 including evening meals.

Dates coming soon for the next one.

For more about course structures and your stay please visit our Info page HERE.

What to bring;

You are required to bring as much of the following list of materials as possible:


Drawing board (A1 or A2)

Bulldog clips or drawing clips

Masking tape



Cartridge Paper

Blank Newsprint

Paper shopping bags, Penneys & Dunnes are excellent

Brown wrapping paper

Watercolour paper


Sugar paper.

Pencils HB to 8B

Charcoal (compressed and willow)

Soft pastels


Colouring pencils

Watercolour pencils

Watercolour crayons

Conté crayons

Oil pastels

Feel free to bring any other markmakers that you feel comfortable with.

About Ger Kennedy;

Ger has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She won her first award at the age of four, when she entered a Cinderella painting into the Texaco Children’s Art Competition. She studied art in Ireland, at the Crawford and W.I.T., and in the UK, at Norwich School of Art. Since returning to Ireland in 1996, she has been teaching art to both adults and children, and is an advocate of art education for all. Ger is also the visual arts co-ordinator of Imagine Arts Festival in Waterford.

Lifedrawing is Ger’s passion, and she has been teaching lifedrawing for over ten years.

To see more of Ger’s work please visit her website HERE.


Ger is such a positive and encouraging teacher. Whether you are a rank amateur or have an innate talent, you will learn new skills and be pleasantly surprised by your efforts. I would recommend her classes to everyone. Tracy Godfrey

Ger is an excellent teacher and from her I gained confidence in my own ability.  Julie Dowling

Lifedrawing Artist and Tutor at The Art Hand

Body Conscious by Ger Kennedy


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