Drypoint Printmaking with Anne Mc Donnell

Drypoint Printmaking involves scratching directly into a sheet of aluminium with a drypoint needle. During this process burrs are pushed up on either side of the scratch. When the plate is inked up, the ink catches in the burrs and when printed this gives the image its characteristic rich velvety line. It is a non-acid technique.

On this course you will be using specialist etching paper called Hannemuhle to print on. This course is suitable for beginners. It would very much suit someone who wants to learn a new way of expressing ideas. Drypoint Printmaking has been around for centuries, artists such as Durer and Rembrandt have used this technique.

The course content of this intensive 3 day weekend course is as follows;

Learn the basic principles and characteristics of drypoint printmaking.

Learn how to use different tools to make marks on a drypoint plate.

Learn how to prepare a plate for printing.

Learn how to ink up a plate.

Learn about the materials being used for the process.

Learn how to register a print.

Combine drypoint with other techniques such as monoprint and Chine Colle.

Learn how to print an edition of prints.

Learn how to clean, number and sign prints.

Learn the difference between first proof and state.

Participants will be going home with a selection of handprinted drypoint prints, some of which will be editioned. Prints make ideal gifts for family and friends. On the final day Anne would like participants to discuss their work and talk about the different techniques. She will also invite participants to swap some of their editioned work, so that not only are they going home with a new skill but that they are also going home with a selection of original artwork from other participants.

Anne is bringing her Portable etching press, inks, plates, scribers and all the necessary specialist equipment and materials. She will bring examples of prints in a range of styles. All participants will receive a printed handout which will describe the different processes you will have undertaken and there will be a list of suppliers for tools and supplies if you fancied setting up your own printmaking studio.

What to Bring; Old clothes, apron, gloves. If you have sketches you’d like to work from, that would be great, but this is optional. Bring a sketch book and pencils/pens. Bring a camera to record your progress.

When; We look forward to welcoming you to The Art Hand. Arrival and Registration is on Thursday 1st November at 7.00 pm, and the course runs for three full days from Friday morning at 9am until 5pm on Sunday 4th 2012.

Price; The Cost for this course is €295 which includes your evening meal on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday. Accommodation is not included but can be arranged nearby. Numbers are limited so booking is essential.

For more information about your stay please read the Info page.

About Anne Mc Donnell; Anne graduated from Limerick School of Art And Design with a degree in Fine Art Printmaking in 1997. She set up a small printmaking studio in Waterford Design Centre and later at The Waterford Treasures. In 2002, Anne took a step back from Printmaking when she had her first daughter. In January 2011 she was asked if she would join Kite Design Studios in Waterford city and she jumped at the chance. “I love all aspects of the printmaking process, the folding and cutting of the paper, the smell of the ink, the grounding up of plates…the impression of the plate embossed into the paper…the velvety printed line from a drypoint plate”.

Through her etchings she explores the metamorphosis of nature, she likes to work on plates directly with her hands “some plates have my finger prints etched into them.” Anne is also working on a collection of prints depicting places of interest around Ireland, called the “Heritage Collection”. At the moment Anne is working on a very unusual collaborative project called “Metal and Ink” with Stradbally Jewellery. In this collaboration the jewellers turns the silver plate which has been used to print the etching into a piece of jewellery. If you’re in Waterford city and would like to see some of Anne’s work call into her studio at Kite Design Studios in Henrietta street.

HERE is a link to Anne’s website.

HERE is a Facebook photo album that shows some of Anne’s Printmaking classes.


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