Film Editing Course with Anthony Kelly

This is a 2 day course in Film Editing with Anthony Kelly using Adobe Premiere.

The course is designed for 2 participants to ensure the best results. Anthony Kelly is an award winning film-maker with vast editing experience. The pace of the courses are based on the abilities of the participants who are matched in advance. In other words we won’t put an experienced videographer on a course with a novice photographer.

To Book a place; Contact us and we will match you with another participant and confirm suitable dates. We can run the course at weekends or during the week.

Film Editing Course

This course is suitable for people who have a reasonable grasp of digital technology, computers and editing software. Being able to use Photoshop or similar image editing software is a help although not vital. The course is particularly suited to advanced digital photographers or videographers who would like to be able to edit their own video footage.

Sean Corcoran from The Art Hand has the following to say; “I love working with professional editors on funded film projects but I have a few artistic pieces I am putting together at the moment that have no financial backing. I’m looking forward to doing this course myself so that I can get these films out while keeping the costs down by editing them myself. Film editing is not the kind of thing that can be self-taught effectively”.

Screenshot from 'Down the Ladder'

Screenshot from ‘Down the Ladder’

The course will be taught using a Mac-book Pro and the latest Adobe CC suite of software. Adobe Premiere is the main software we will be using since it is a professional package that integrates seamlessly with the full Adobe range of software including Photoshop.

Participants have the option to bring along their own Laptops or Mac Book etc although this is not necessary. Adobe offers a free 30 day trial of their software so if possible avail of this immediately after the course so that you can put what you’ve learned straight into practice. Bring along a notebook. The course contents are suitable for Mac and PC users.

Screenshot from 'Down the Ladder'

Screenshot from ‘Down the Ladder’

The basic content of the course will include items such as the following;

An overview of the principles of Film Editing.

Getting to know the user interface of Adobe Premiere.

Review existing clips that will be used during the course.

Import content to create an edited film during the course.

Working with Layers, Audio, Music, Levels, Copyright, Creative Commons.

Creating Titles and Credits.

Fades, Transitions, Special Effects.

When to cut, when not. The Invisible Art. Duration.

Exporting, Saving, File Formats.

An overview of Compositing.

An overview of Adobe After Effects and its uses.

Creating DVD’s of your film using Adobe Encore.

The tutor will provide a basic handout and his top ten must see movies that showcase film editing.

After completing the course participants will be able to edit their own footage using Adobe Premiere.

Screenshot from 'Down the Ladder'

Screenshot from ‘Down the Ladder’

The schedule for the course is as follows;

Day 1… 9am to 5.30pm

Day 2… 9am to 5.30pm

Cost for the course is €290 including a homemade lunch on both days in our adjoining home. Contact us to book a place.


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