Decorative Painting with Pamela Silin-Palmer

Stalker © Pamela Silin-Palmer

On this course Pamela will guide you through some challenging oil painting techniques on wood panel. You will be using the age-old tradition of Trompe L’oeil to create the optical illusion that your imagery will appear in three dimensions. As a highly regarded and experienced artist Pamela is delighted to be bringing her talent and skills to this exciting new art course at The Art Hand.

Pamela will teach you many of her very refined techniques for finishing and decorating wooden surfaces in oil paint during the process of creating your trompe L’oeil imagery. She will encourage you through her amazing knowledge and energy. Her passion will be evident in the ongoing discussions you will have with her about decorative art and design. You will have an opportunity to invent your own style and ideas for creating your own imaginative designs whilst working with her in the studio at The Art Hand.

Take a look at Pamela’s website and you will see that a decorative painter can turn their skills to a wide array of creative and enterprising applications from fantasy furniture to murals. With the knowledge you gain on this course you are sure to go home with amazing ideas that you will be enabled to create.

Dates for this course will be announced shortly.

For more about our courses and your stay please view our Info page HERE.

We have prepared a selection of Pamela’s work HERE.

Please visit her website HERE.

What to bring; Materials are not included in the cost of this course. Below is a list of the essential items you will need. If possible please bring your own materials. There is however an art shop in Tramore, twenty minutes drive away where you can buy all the basic supplies you will need. If you prefer, The Art Hand will put together everything you require at cost price.

You will need Alkyd Oil Paints in all the colours listed below. Alkyd Oil Paints are fast drying, very versatile and simple to use. It must be Alkyd Oil Paint, no other paint will do. These are the colours you will need;

Alizarin Crimson. Cobalt Blue. Pthalo Blue. Cerulean Blue. Pthalo Green. Chrome Green. Titanium White (studio size tube). Cadmium Red light. Cadmium Red Medium. Naples Yellow. Yellow Ochre. Burnt Umber (Studio size tube). Burnt Sienna. Black. Paynes Grey. Terra Verte. Magenta.

You will also need; Soft (not stiff) cheap brushes for oil painting, in all sizes. Varnish brush. Various wall painting brushes, no larger than 3 inches that can be thrown away afterwards. Sketch book for design layouts, pencils, sharpener and an eraser. A smallish jar of gesso. Ronseal satin clear varnish for oil painted surface. Bring a portable or desktop easel. We can provide plywood panels cut to size at cost price or you can bring your own. Bring an unpainted wooden chest or box if you can find one! We will supply distilled spirits for cleaning brushes and thinning paint and paper towels and empty jars for holding spirits and brushes.

Harry in Wonderland © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2010

About Pamela Silin-Palmer; Pamela developed her passion for art when she was a child.She was a professional decorative artist for over thirty years in California and has now moved to the Copper Coast in Ireland with her artist husband Patrick Palmer. Pamela is highly regarded in the States and Ireland for her illustrated books, fantasy furniture as well as her paintings. She has a vast and exciting client list of private, international and corporate collectors. She has designed many products that were distributed across America including greeting cards, puzzles, wallpaper, fabrics, ceramics, stamps, room decor and Christmas decorations.

For Pamela, nature is the source of all design and beauty. As an oil painter with a whimsical sense of dreamlike humour apparent in all of her paintings, she is a master of portraiture, animals and flowers. She paints from her imagination creating the rich backdrops within which her characters, be they flora or fauna, magically inhabit. “I am enabled by a photographic memory, so I can visualize my paintings before they are painted. I mix images and effects in my mind and then paint them as I imagine them.”

In Ireland, Pamela has discovered the beauty inherit in the incredible landscape and history of this wonderful culture. She is interested in portraying the mythology of Ireland in a contemporary juxtaposition. Pamela believes that her work, as a transmitter of visual energy, communicates not only her respect for art history and styles, but that she is a product of her own time and reality.

Trompe l’oeil Woodland Bunny Chair © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2011. Trompe l’oeil Pink Bunny Chair © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2011. Harry in Wonderland © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2010.

Trompe l’oeil Woodland Bunny Chair © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2011. Trompe l’oeil Pink Bunny Chair © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2011. Harry in Wonderland © Pamela Silin-Palmer 2010.

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