Stained Glass with Sean Corcoran

Stained Glass by Sean Corcoran, The Art HandA 3 day version of the below course will be announced shortly, let us know and we will contact you directly with the next available dates.

I have worked in Stained Glass for nearly 20 years but for the last 6 or 7 years I have concentrated on Digital Art. It might seem like the other end of the artistic spectrum but for me there are many things that technology has to offer the age-old tradition of Stained Glass. I’m not talking about some new method of making stained glass with a computer, in fact the basic production methods I will be teaching in this course haven’t changed for hundreds of years.

This is a very intensive full 6 day course. While it is a challenging programme no real experience in either glass or computers is required. This course will be tailored to suit each individual’s skill levels.

I will be introducing simple ways that today’s technology can help to create designs, templates and visualizations. We shall be drawing (yes with pencils!) scanning, photographing, image editing, enlarging and printing. A digital image can be printed on special DeCal Paper and baked permanently onto the surface of a piece of glass in our kiln. A small pencil drawing can be enlarged and printed to any specific size using a simple piece of software called Rapid Resizer, handy for full size templates.

Once our templates are complete we will individually set about producing our chosen artwork. We shall be using the full facilities of The Art Hand including the Tech Room, the Art Room and the Tool Room. We may even look to the outdoors for artistic inspiration. Land, Sea, Sky and Cliffs are on our doorstep.

You can use your newly acquired knowledge to execute your designs in a variety of ways. You might decide to be cutting glass and leading a stained glass panel in the traditional method or you might prefer to acid etch your design onto glass or to print photographs onto glass or to paint and bake your design into glass. You might even prefer to develop your design skills further while still learning the different techniques that will be going on around you. Whatever you have completed by the end of the course will be yours to take home.

Please bring a digital camera. Don’t forget the charger, memory card and a USB lead to connect to our computers. You could bring your laptop if you wish. We supply all the basic materials you will need for the course but you can bring anything else you feel would be of benefit to you.

Accommodation is not included but can be arranged. Evening meals for six days are included, breakfasts and lunches are not. If you have any specific queries please contact us.

Stained Glass by Sean Corcoran, The Art Hand

For further details of our courses and your stay please see our Info page HERE.

I have put together a small selection of my favourite glass HERE.

Please have a look at my website HERE.


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