Paint the Irish Coast with Patrick Palmer

Connemara Landscape © Patrick Palmer 2006


Patrick will bring the participants of this course to some of his favourite locations along the Copper Coast to capture the Land, Sea and Sky in oil paint on canvas or wood panel. From the dramatic cliffs above Kilmurrin cove to the fishing harbour of Dunabrattin, this is an area of spectacular natural beauty.

This traditional method of painting is called En Plein Air, a French expression which means “in the open air”, and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors. The course is best suited for people with some experience of painting. Patrick will adapt the course to suit each person’s ability. The class size will be small so you are sure of individual attention.

Preliminary sketches will be done in pencil, watercolour, acrylic or oil. The scene will be photographed by each student to record the light, colour and detail. These images will be useful for later reference when you work indoors at The Art Hand to finish the paintings. The weather here can also be quite unpredictable so you will need to be prepared to dash indoors!

Patrick will then show you how to transfer your sketches to your canvas or wood panel upon which the paintings will be completed. Patrick is an oil painter and all of these paintings will be done in oil.

He will encourage you by advising on the composition and painting techniques so that you will bring home something to be proud of.

This course offers an exciting opportunity to paint the wonderful light and magical colours of the Irish landscape. Patrick’s experience and positive energy will encourage and inspire all who work with him!

Dates for this course coming soon.

For more about our courses and your stay please see our Info page HERE.

We have prepared a selection of Patrick’s work HERE.

Please visit his website HERE.

What to bring; Materials are not included in the cost of this course. Below is a list of the essential items you will need. If possible please bring your own materials. There is however an art shop in Tramore, twenty minutes drive away where you can buy all the basic supplies you will need. If you prefer, The Art Hand will put together everything you require at cost price.

You will need Alkyd Oil Paints in all the colours listed below. Alkyd Oil Paints are fast drying, very versatile and simple to use. It must be Alkyd Oil Paint, no other paint will do. These are the colours you will need;

Alizarin Crimson. Cobalt Blue. Pthalo Blue. Cerulean Blue. Pthalo Green

Chrome Green. Titanium White (studio size tube). Cadmium Red light. Cadmium Red Medium. Naples Yellow. Yellow Ochre. Burnt Umber (Studio size tube). Burnt Sienna. Black. Paynes Grey. Terra Verte. Magenta.

You will also need; Water Colours (a pan is easier than tubes to carry outside). Canvases; 3 or 4 of suggested sizes 18 x 24 or 16 x 24 inches. We can supply plywood board cut to size at cost price if you want to paint on wood. You will need a variety of brushes, wide, narrow, and pointed. Cheap brushes are fine, one pack for oil and one for watercolours. Bring a sketch pad or watercolour block for preliminary drawings and paintings. Pencils (number 2), sharpener and eraser. A thermos, for carrying water, the top of which can be used as a water container. Bring a digital camera for photographing the scene for reference. Portable or desk top easel. We will supply spirits for mixing and cleaning brushes, tracing paper, paper towels.

The Hook © Patrick Palmer 2011

About Patrick Palmer; Patrick Palmer is an oil painter in the great spirit of classical Irish painters. He explores the inescapable beauty of light and colour in the Irish landscape.

Patrick was born and raised in Waterford where he studied at the College of Art. He worked for many years as a designer at ARKS advertising agency in Dublin before setting off on his travels with his canvas, paints and brushes under his arm!

Patrick and his wife Pamela met in San Francisco and they put down roots in sunny California. He worked for many years as a Rock and Roll designer of tour books, posters and merchandise for some of the biggest rock bands including Jimmy Hendricks, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Ozzie Osbourne, Bruce Springsteen, U2, The Grateful Dead, and many others.

When they finally decided to move back to Ireland after 28 years away Patrick was able to paint with a renewed sense of reality and with a broader perspective on the light, colour, sea, sky and landscape of his beloved homeland. He began to regenerate in his mind the magical images of childhood and tradition long submerged in the dynamic yet always foreign otherworld of California. Some things change and some things stay the same yet Ireland has maintained its simple and natural visual beauty.

Patrick’s paintings of still-life and landscape, animals and seascapes connect the viewer with their own experience of the Irish vision. Irish colour and Irish light are fundamental to Patrick’s creative energy which he translates into his collections of beautiful work.

The Road to the Sea, Dunabrattin © Patrick Palmer 2008

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