Encaustic Painting with Lora Murphy

Take your art in a new creative direction and join Lora Murphy for this 3 day journey into the ancient medium of painting with pigmented wax. October 25-28, 2012.

Encaustic comes from the Greek word “Encaustikos” meaning “to heat” or “to burn”. Heat is used at every stage of the painting process. The medium consists of beeswax melted with a small amount of resin, to impart hardness, and it becomes paint when pigment is added to the molten wax. Heat must be applied between the layers of brushstrokes and heat binds each layer to the previous one. The beeswax holds the pigment and diffuses the light, giving a luscious sensuous quality to the surface.

All hands on deck!

Experience the joy of creating without limits by painting with Encaustic. You will explore endless possibilities with this most versatile of mediums, wherever your interest lies. If you already paint, you will discover how you can incorporate Encaustic into your art but you won’t need any experience to take this class.

You will first learn the basic tools and materials, the safety issues and how to make the wax medium and colours. Your first project will be a portrait project based on the ancient Fayum portraits. The techniques you will learn will include priming and fusing, surfaces and substrates, textures, excavation and incising, glazing with oil paint and using paint sticks.

After this project you will move on to embellishments. You will learn the myriad of ways you can add to your wax surface with paper, photo transfer, collage, metal leaf, stencils, stamping, found objects and natural elements. You will also learn how to incorporate plaster, tar, shellac burn, alcohol ink and even acrylic paint into your paintings.

This video features the previous Encaustic Course by Lora Murphy at The Art Hand. Music for this video is Perspectives by Bacalao from the album Vincent Berard Soundtrack and is used under Creative Commons License; http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Bacalao/

Each day you will complete several original works of art. This is a very intensive course. As you can see from the video above  62 paintings were created in 3 days by 7 participants and Lora on the last course. You will finish the course with a thorough grounding in Encaustic painting and an insatiable desire for more!

Here’s some comments from previous participants;

“I felt the course was taught very well, put in an easy manner for all levels of students. Each person was regarded well and all questions answered no matter how “silly” they sounded. The course content was excellent and all techniques easily understood.” Tina Elliffe, Westmeath.

“Couldn’t fault it. Lora is very giving of her time and techniques. The meals were fantastic and it was ideal going from studio to downstairs. I love Sean and Miranda’s enthusiasm for their new venture and wish them the best of luck with it.” Siobhan Duggan, Cork.

“Fantastic. A whole new experience! Really enjoyed the personal touch, hospitality and food couldn’t be better.” Hazel Spollen, Athlone.

All materials will be provided but please bring colour photocopies of anything you would like to incorporate into your paintings. You can also bring small personal items you would like to use in your work, or if you have a special favourite paint, stamp, stencil etc.

Lora will provide hand-outs and a list of resources and suppliers of materials and equipment. Lora is happy to answer any questions that may arise after the course by phone or email.

Lora Murphy The Art Hand Encaustic Course

Arrival and Registration is on Thursday October 25th at 7pm and the course runs for three full days from Friday morning at 9am until 5pm on Sunday 28th, 2012.

The cost for this course is €320 which includes your evening meal on Friday and Saturday and lunch on Sunday. Accommodation is not included but can be arranged nearby. Numbers are limited so booking is essential.

Please read our Info page for full details of your stay and the structure of our courses.

What’s it really like? Have a look at a photo album of our previous Encaustic Course HERE.

We have put a selection of Lora Murphy’s art together HERE.

To see more of Lora’s artwork please have a look at her website HERE.

About Lora MurphyEncaustic Artist Lora Murphy, The Art Hand; Lora is an Irish painter, designer and teacher whose work has taken her all over the globe.After earning degrees in Art History and Archaeology she moved to the USA and studied at the famous Art Students League in New York City. This was followed by long stints in Guatemala, Australia and Denmark painting all the time. She lived in the wilds of Montana and Alaska for the following 9 years and discovered Encaustic painting along the way. From her first experience with wax she says that “the luminous beauty of the medium was literally burned into my soul, and the rest is history!”

She went on to push the boundaries of Encaustic, determined to try everything, always astonished by the possibilities of this fragrant, luminous and luscious medium. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her experience with this rich, challenging and versatile medium.

Lora returned to Europe four years ago and has been painting, exhibiting and teaching as well as recently completing a course of study at a Classical Art Atelier in Florence, Italy. She paints every day at her studio over Gallery Frida, 38 South Main St in Youghal which she runs with her partner Lars Moeslund.

Lora works in a representational style and undertakes many commissions for portraits but she will emphasize that this medium lends itself gloriously to contemporary as well as traditional practice…and everything in between!


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