Art Parties

An Art Party is a memorable and fun way of celebrating your kids special Birthday. We design each Art Party to suit your kid’s age and interests. Do they have a favourite book, or a cartoon character, dinosaurs, animals, the sky’s the limit! We provide a stimulating environment where friends and family can spend some quality time together during a creative endeavor. We encourage parents of the birthday kid to participate fully. Everyone brings home what they have made so the fun and games can continue. Alternatively we can also get everyone to team together to make a special piece for the birthday kid. A collaborative mosaic project is ideal for this and the resulting artwork can adorn the wall of the kids bedroom or living room!

To follow are some examples of Art Parties that we have hosted;

‘Princess and Knight’ Art Party…

Art Party Birthday PrincessRoseanne celebrated her 8th birthday with a specially designed ‘Princess and Knight’ Art Party. The Princesses made hats while the Knights made shields. There was plenty of roll play and even some speeches! We had a ball but we’re still cleaning up the glitter! We cater for boys and girls of all ages. We custom design each party to suit the interests of the participants. Pictures of Roseanne’s ‘Princess and Knight’ Art Party can be seen HERE.

‘Map-Making’ Art Party…

Kids Art PartiesHappy 8th Birthday to David above who celebrated his big day with a Map-Making Art Party. A lovely bunch and very creative indeed. There is a link to a photo album of this event on our Facebook page HERE.

‘Mask-Making’ Art Party…

Mask Making WorkshopOr how about a Mask-Making Art Party? Each participant creates their own mask using jewels, glitter, feathers and glue. They each take on the identity of their new characters including in this case Elvis the Ostrich, Cutie the Cat, Dracu-Laura, Ice-Girl and Feather Woman. Feather Man made a brief appearance too but was so severely pecked and clawed that he flew away wounded and upset! More pictures of this colourful party HERE.

‘Outer Space’ Art Party…

Art Party BirthdayHappy 6th Birthday to Dáithĩ who celebrated his big day with an Art Party here at The Art Hand. He loves outer space so we designed a crazy planet creation workshop with plenty of Aliens and Unidentified Flying Objects too! Pictures of this party HERE.

How much does it cost?

We charge €18 per kid that attends and we have catered for up to 20 kids. We can cater for small groups too although there is a minimum charge of €180 per party. Parties usually last about 2 hours.

Party Food and Drinks;

We provide Treats and Drinks for the kids. Tea and Coffee is also available for the grown ups. We do not provide hot food. Please bring along a Birthday Cake and Candles.

Let us help;

How old is your child? What do they like? Give us a ring and we can discuss some ideas that will be suitable. We have developed lots of popular activities and we can cater for mixed groups of boys and girls too. Since a lot of different activities take place at our facility throughout the year it is advisable to book a date for an Art Party as far in advance as possible.

Hope to see you sometime soon, Sean and Miranda Corcoran, The Art Hand…051 292919

ps. We do Adult Art Parties too…

Hen Party Art Party

For a unique Birthday Party celebration of any kind just let us know and we can organise something specially for you. We can provide food and refreshments to suit the occasion. We also provide exciting activities for Hen Parties