The Tech Room; Our small centre of technology with Broadband, Projection Facilities, Printing Facilities, Video Editing, Photoshop, Animation, Digital Art, Web site development.

The Art Room; The main space for training, classes, events and open days. A simple open well-lit area for drawing, painting and film screenings. There are two sturdy 10 foot by 4 foot tables in this space that come apart when required. There is a toilet and shower next door to the art room and a small store.

The Tool Room; A training shop, a collaborative workshop for Stained Glass, Mosaic, Ceramics and Sculpture, complete with all basic tools, equipment and materials. Basic tools and equipment for wood, stone and steel. The main central workbench in this room is 10 foot by 4 foot and is very sturdy. We have a Paragon Janus 24 Kiln suitable for Glass and Ceramics.

The Sunken Garden; Just outside the double doors of The Tool Room lies The Sunken Garden. The space is like a miniature amphitheatre with concrete steps and seats and The Lifetime Wall awaiting Projection, Mosaic and Graffiti. A place to relax, and take a breather or a place to Experiment and Sculpt. A metal rebar structure is in place as the skeleton of a Sculpture that will be created over the years.

Beyond The Art Hand; Explore the surrounding coastline by foot, bike or even kayak. Experience the wild open Irish countryside and be inspired. Please view our Location page to find out more about where we are and many local activities are listed on our Links page. A reasonably priced minibus is available locally if people want to go for a night out or for a specific field trip.

There is ample parking.

We are fully insured.

There is disabled access to both levels of the building.


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