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The Art Hand produces its own films and documentaries and hosts film events and film training workshops. It has an extensive network of people working in film so if you want to produce a film in Waterford please get in touch. We can provide a range of services including a Production Base, Location Management, Production Management and Casting based on each film-maker’s requirements.

About us; We have worked on a wide variety of international film productions over the last couple of years including a documentary film called ‘Village by the Sea’ with a New Zealand film crew and an episode of Boogeymen for Canadian TV. Our own productions include the silent film ‘Down the ladder’ and the feature length documentary ‘Spraoi Unseen’. We are excited at the challenge of developing our film facility and look forward to producing more of our own films as well as assisting other filmmakers. To follow are some specific details about some of our key personnel and projects.

Sean Corcoran is a Visual Artist who works in a wide variety of media including Digital Art, Film and Photography. He is the Artistic Director of The Art Hand.

Donal O'Flynn and Sean CorcoranSean shot and directed the feature length documentary SPRAOI UNSEEN that was premièred in January 2015. Sound recordist and editor on the film was Dónal O’Flynn. The spirit of the Spraoi International Festival of Street Arts and its spectacular Parade are captured in this behind the scenes film featuring revealing interviews with the management, performers, volunteers and members of the public. The SPRAOI UNSEEN Facebook page has all the latest info on the film and can be viewed HERE.

You can view the SPRAOI UNSEEN film for free online HERE.

Irish episode of BoogeymenSean was the Production Co-ordinator for an episode of the Canadian TV programme called Boogeymen that he is also featured in and is due to be aired in 2015. The director for the episode was Francois Jaros, the DOP was Olivier Gossot, the writer was Brian Zelnicker and it was produced by Frank Fiorito for CMJ productions in Montreal.

Down the Ladder

Sean was the Writer, Co-Producer and Co-Director of Down the Ladder. A day in the life of a copper mining family is depicted in this emotional film presented as a silent movie. It’s set in Ireland in the 1800’s. A specially commissioned soundtrack by Irish composer Eric Sweeney is present throughout this 16 minute silent movie.

For press cuttings and a review of the film that won the Best Short Film Runner Up at the 2013 Waterford Film Festival click HERE.

This film has not been released online yet but a very short excerpt can be seen HERE.

You can also view an RTE Nationwide production about the film HERE.

A behind the scenes film of the production can also be viewed HERE.

Sean was the Production Co-ordinator for the documentary film A Village by the Sea that was filmed in Ireland in 2012. The film was directed by Michael Heath of KBCR Productions, New Zealand and is about Artist Edith Collier’s time in Ireland in the early 1900’s. The film was a follow up to the 2007 film; Edith Collier: A Light Among Shadows for which The Art Hand hosted the Irish Premiere. Cinematography for both films was by Stephen Latty. It’s portrayal of the people and landscape of the area is a great showcase for the County. Sean and Angela Mulcahy provided the film crew with a wide range of assistance including Production Management, Production Base, Accommodation, 2 Cameramen, Equipment Hire, Insurance, Location Management, and Casting.

The crew of A Village by the Sea. Mook Vignes, Alex Vignes, Stephen Latty, Michael Heath, Angela Mulcahy, Hy Mayerson, Sean CorcoranAbove is the full crew of the film production of A Village by the Sea. Left to Right; Mook Vignes, Alex Vignes, Stephen Latty, Michael Heath, Angela Mulcahy, Hy Mayerson and Sean Corcoran.

Please refer to a reference from the director of the film Michael Heath HERE.

Village by the Sea can be watched in it’s entirety online HERE.

A Light Among Shadows can also be seen online HERE.

Sean’s collaborations with American videographer Hy Mayerson includes The Caboose Tapes and and The Blazing Horse. Sean has also worked on many music videos including a track called Wait for me by Moby (HERE) which currently has over 120,000 hits on You Tube and Cry me a River by John Martyn (HERE) that has over 30,000 hits so far.


Here’s 5 of the collaborative films that were made during a Film and Animation Camp for Kids facilitated by Sean Corcoran;

EXPRESSIONS…Animated People Workshop; HERE.

Chalk Animation; HERE.

Monster Mash Remix! (Kids stop-motion short film); HERE.

She’s Alright! (Kids stop-motion short film); HERE.

Villains and Heroes (an 8 minute kids film)…HERE.

These workshops took place at the Gealach Gorm Theatre in the Kill Community Centre. The practical activities throughout the week included flip book animation, a storyboard workshop, chalk animation, time-lapse and stop-motion.

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We also conceived, wrote, rehearsed, shot and edited a live action movie called Villains and Heroes which we premiered at the end of the week to friends and family of the cast and crew. We turned the theatre into a pop up cinema for the week and screened Wallace and Gromit, early Mickey Mouse movies and a series of Miners Movies made by Sean and Angela Mulcahy.

Everyone got to try out the equipment and there was plenty of opportunity for brainstorming and discussion and we looked at lots of new film creation software and apps. A lovely bunch of kids from 7 to 12 years of age who worked excellently together and achieved some great results.

Sean is available to facilitate these kinds of workshops in Primary Schools around Ireland and for private groups. Full details are available HERE.

Here’s a few other film related facts about Sean Corcoran;

Sean has been avidly taking photographs since the age of 8. He has over 200,000 archived photos and continues to take pictures every day! Footage shot by Sean Corcoran of Storm Christine that battered the Irish coast in 2014 was bought by Lagan Productions in Sean CorcoranNorthern Ireland and was aired on RTE in January 2015. Sean has worked with animator Paul Bolger on the film and book about Cuchulain called Hound that are in pre-production. Sean has designed a 5 week digital art, film and animation course that he teaches in Primary Schools around the country. Sean is a Photoshop expert, uses both PC and Mac, edits with Adode Premiere and usually shoots on a Canon 5D Mk III. Sean and Brian Fleming assisted in the underground 3D laser scanning survey that were carried out along The Copper Coast by Deri Jones and Associates from Wales. The film editor Anthony Kelly runs intensive film editing courses at The Art Hand. Sean has lots of ideas and would like to make a great big epic film one of these days and would love to be given a descent budget to do it. In the meantime he’s happy to be involved in some beautiful film productions.

Sean’s up to date CV is online HERE.

Sean’s LinkedIn page can be viewed HERE.

Sean’s You Tube Channel is HERE.

Copper Coast Productions at The Art Hand, Sean Corcoran and Angela Mulcahy

Angela Mulcahy

HDip Directing For Television. HDip Drama and Theatre Studies. Her film credits include:

Production Manager and Directors Assistant – ‘A Village by the Sea’ – filmed on location in Bunmahon, 2012. This role included all scheduling for film, sourcing locations, researching and setting up interviews and preparing interviewees for film shoot and assisting director and videographer on shoot.

Researched, developed, produced and directed ‘Na Fit Ups’  – a bi-lingual TV Documentary on Ireland’s Travelling Theatre Shows 1930 – 1960. This was broadcast on TG4 in August 2009 and widely acclaimed by the critics as a fitting tribute to the travelling troubadours of a bygone era.

Assistant Producer – Na Chéad Fight Clubs (One Hour Documentary on Faction Fighting in Ireland in 1800’s) which was broadcast on TG4 in 2011. This involved responsibility for location set up, casting (over 100 extras used) rehearsal, costumes, props etc.

Re-Enactments Producer – Railway Series 1 & 2 – Broadcast on TG4 in 2011 and 2012. Produced all re-enactments for 12 programmes  (2 x 6 Series). Shot on various locations throughout the country this role involved all casting rehearsal and assisting director.

Production Manager – Tall Ships Ad – RTE 1 – 2011 with responsibility for all aspects of shoot including Casting, Scheduling and Health & Safety.

Assistant Producer & Casting Director for various Corporate Videos.

Angela is the Theatre Director at The Gealach Gorm Theatre, a 65 seater studio theatre within Kill Community Centre which opened in 2005. Angela has directed many of the productions in the theatre including included John B Keane’s ‘Moll’, ‘Murdered To Death’ and ‘Death By Fatal Murder’. Angela is also the director of the annual Gealach Gorm Singer/Songwriter Festival.

Below is an early Showreel created by Sean Corcoran and Angela Mulcahy;

Location; Our film facility is based at The Art Hand, which is an art school located in a spectacular rural landscape on the cliffs near Bunmahon. It’s an area of great natural beauty called the Copper Coast. The area is designated by UNESCO as a geopark; a place of great geological significance.

In the 18th century the area had a booming copper mining industry the remnants of which can be seen close by at the old Tankardstown Engine House. It’s quite a dramatic landmark with its austere buildings and towering brick chimney. The Art Hand is the closest building to these old ruins. We believe this is the perfect location to base a film facility of this kind and we have a tech room which is used for teaching digital art and film editing.

Sea land mountainsThe picture above shows the location of The Art Hand to the right with the Old Copper Mines in the centre, the Comeragh Mountains in the distance and the Atlantic to the left.

The Art Hand building located on The Copper CoastLooking out over the grass roof of The Art Hand on the cliffs

The Art Hand building located on The Copper CoastThis is the full building complete with grass roofed section and old stone walls.

We’ve lots more film ideas in the pipeline so please stay tuned to see what comes next.