Reference from Michael Heath

Reference from Michael Heath, Director of Village by the Sea;

KBCR Production Ltd., 33 Forest Road, Paraparaumu 5032, NEW ZEALAND

21 June, 2012

cell: +64 2102 336577


                       TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

In March of this year, I the undersigned, Michael Heath, along with a cinematographer, Stephen Latty, both from New Zealand, travelled to Bunmahon to make a documentary on the unknown New Zealand early 20th century artist Edith Collier, who spent 2 summers there in 1914-15, titled “Village by the Sea.”

In 2007, I had made a full life history of this painter in a film called “Edith Collier: A Light among Shadows.” Sean Corcoran had heard about this film and contacted me in New Zealand. He said he wanted to show it to the local people and arranged a screening in Annestown. It was a great success and really made an impression on the local people.

Sean and I kept in touch over the years, and we were excited when the money finally came through to make the new film, and decided on March of 2012. Sean was a great Production Co-ordinator, and everything he helped us with came true. We were also fortunate that our filming took place at the same time as the opening of his, and Miranda’s magnificent facility The Art Hand, on the cliffs of Bunmahon.

Our film was assisted by The Edith Collier Trust of Wanganui, in New Zealand, so our budget was pitifully small. Sean and I worked for much time on how we were to prepare for this film, and what were our needs. He is a tireless and meticulous worker, and has a passion for all artistic endeavours.

I had asked him for an Assistant on the shoot as well, because I needed someone who knew the area, and the local people. Angela Mulcahy came aboard and added the personal dimension to all my requests. I gave her the credit of Production Manager as she organised everything so well, and I was delighted at the end of the shoot when she presented me with transcripts of all the interviews, and many other historical items that would be of great benefit to the film.

I also named her “Director’s Assistant” as she was the one who managed to talk with the residents and get them to be relaxed and happy about appearing in the film. She is wonderful with people, and has so much energy, we were so lucky to find her. I’d recommend her for any project to do with managing an artistic endeavour.

Our film was made in 12 days, 10 of them in Bunmahon, and both Sean and Angela made sure that everything ran smoothly. In fact we had one of the most enjoyable shooting experiences of our lives….

I wish them all success with their exciting proposed film project. Being in the area that the mining stories all took place makes it again a human journey for them, and I am sure they are more than capable of producing something informative that everyone will enjoy and be of incredible historical significance to the area, especially when the Geopark Museum opens.

Our film, “Village By the Sea,” has its world premiere in Wellington, at the end of July, at the New Zealand international Film Festival. I hope to send Sean a copy of the film soon after this, so he and Angela can arrange a screening in your area, for all to come and see.

If you need any more information then please feel free to contact me.

Thanking you,

Michael Heath, Director “Village by the Sea,”  KBCR Production Ltd.

The crew of A Village by the Sea. Mook Vignes, Alex Vignes, Stephen Latty, Michael Heath, Angela Mulcahy, Hy Mayerson, Sean CorcoranAbove is the full crew of the film production of A Village by the Sea. Left to Right; Mook Vignes, Alex Vignes, Stephen Latty, Michael Heath, Angela Mulcahy, Hy Mayerson and Sean Corcoran.

Copper Coast Productions and New Zealand Film Festival screening Village by the SeaAbove are the details of its world premiere at the New Zealand Film Festival.


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