Our Teaching Philosophy;

  • To set clear, challenging and achievable objectives for each course.
  • To adapt courses to suit the interests and abilities of all participants.
  • To make the courses collaborative, inclusive, enjoyable and safe.
  • To be supportive and professional.
  • To correctly pace the courses to take advantage of their intensive nature.
  • To use as broad a selection of the available facilities as possible.
  • To teach more than just technique.
  • To nurture individual styles.

Kick Off!
All participants are required to arrive the day before the class starts for registration at 7pm in The Art Hand. We all get to meet each other and to make sure everyone gets settled into their accommodation. Please note that evening meals are not included on this day. Things officially start at 9am on the following morning.

Your Timetable;
Be prepared for long hours. The Art Hand facilities will be available from 8.30am till 10.30pm. The main tutored activities will take place between 9am and 5pm. Evening meals are at 6pm. Courses finish at 5pm on the final day.

Everyone including tutors is expected to participate in the evening meals that take place at 6pm. We will be eating in the house as well as at nearby restaurants. The cost of these evening meals are included in the cost of your course. Vegetarians and vegans are catered for. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. Please be punctual for evening meals. Breakfast and lunch is not included in your fees. There’s a basic country shop and a restaurant in Kill which is a 7 minute drive away and a cafe in Dunhill which is about 15 minutes away.

Many of the people booking courses are from around Ireland as well as the UK and beyond. We do not have accommodation facilities in-house. We can however arrange your accommodation at a local B&B or a neighbouring house. You can make your own arrangements if you prefer. If you live locally there is no reason why you can’t commute each day. Please note that the cost of your accommodation is not included in your course fees.

Say it!
Creative discussion is encouraged on a continuous basis. Don’t be shy. Participants are asked to bring between 10 and 20 digital images of their artworks for group presentation. This normally involves each person speaking about their work for 10 to 20 minutes during a projected presentation of their images to the group. Bring images of your surroundings and family too if you like.

Everyone is encouraged to take photos and videos throughout the class and to share the pictures with each other as well as The Art Hand. We like to get things online as quickly as possible so your cooperation in this regard is appreciated. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer to allow your pictures and pictures of you and your work to be used for promotional purposes and online.

Materials; Art Supplies are not always included in the cost of your course. Please study the specific course details carefully. You might be asked to bring a list of items or we can supply the materials you require at cost price as there is an art shop twenty minutes away. You should at least be bringing some paper, pencils, a notebook and a digital camera. Please mark your stuff so you can easily identify it and it won’t get mixed up.

Please check the noticeboard daily for details of meals, events, field trips, technical notes and contacts. Titled portraits of all participants will be pinned up here so there’s no excuse for not knowing someone’s name!

Tutors usually will give you printed notes featuring any important technical details, further reference and suppliers. Take your own notes as much as possible, especially when it comes to new techniques. Would you remember the recipe six months later? If you wish you can be included on a contacts page that is handed out to participants and tutors so you all can stay in touch afterwards.

Borrow a Book;
We have a wide selection of art books, magazines and DVD’s. Feel free to use these during your stay. Just fill in the borrowing Book when you take something out and sign it back in when you return it. Apart from keeping track of things this helps us see what interests people most so we can expand the collection accordingly.

Health and Safety
We give all our participants Health and Safety guidelines and we will discuss any important details on the first day of class. Dust masks and safety goggles are provided by The Art Hand but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Bring some Cloths you don’t mind getting dirty. Don’t wear crocs or sandals, glass on the floor!

Making art is sometimes noisy and that’s fine. We will be asking participants not to be offended or irritated by someone else’s noise even if it’s a dentist drill or screeching glass. After 7pm however we have a quietness policy. Our home is part of The Art Hand and our kids need to sleep!

Open Day;
Tidy up time! On the final day of the course all participants display and discuss the work they have produced. In general what you make on the course is yours to keep. There is usually plenty of bubble wrap and cardboard at The Art Hand but consider in advance how you are going to get your work home. Guests, friends and family members are welcome to attend from 3pm on the final day. The courses are officially over at 5pm. Pass the word and stay in touch!


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