Celebrate the life of someone special by making a memorial in the form of a collaborative artwork. Over the years we have helped create memorials in mosaic, stained glass, sculpture and even sand art. Many of these memorials are created with small family groups, friends or work colleagues of the loved one.

Nano Nagle Mosaic

A commemorative mosaic created by 300 kids for Nano Nagle.

Modern Mosaic

Detailed imagery and abstract designs are possible in mosaic. It’s a very simple and enjoyable process and natural materials and personal mementos can be added.

We like to think of our memorials as a dignified celebration of a person’s life. Creating an artwork together at our studio gives participants the opportunity to share their feelings in a nurturing environment. It’s a chance for people to speak openly about the person who has died. To remember them and to honour them. Their memory can be immortalised in the artwork as well as in the shared experience of its creation.

Sticks and Stones Mosaic

Specially gathered stones from a favourite beach.

Mosaic is the most inclusive medium for a memorial since it is possible for all ages to be fully involved in its creation. We encourage participants to bring along some personal mementos to stick into the mosaics. Perhaps some stones and shells from a favourite beach or even some coins, medals, keys or jewellery. We can also provide a vast range of coloured glass and tiles that are suitable for indoors or out. Mosaics can be made on special backing boards to withstand the elements if they are being installed outdoors.

Solas Centre Mosaic

The Solas Mosaic is a tribute to all those affected by Cancer. It was created by over 500 members of the public for the Solas Centre, South East Cancer Foundation.

Many of our simpler memorials involve a two or three hour workshop at our premises, where everyone gets to stick the pieces onto a prepared and framed backing board. An agreed design would already be marked out on the board. We also run full day workshops that include homemade lunch in our adjoining home. More complex memorials can take weeks and even months to complete but again we involve participants throughout the entire process.

Sean Corcoran Mosaic Memorial Dublin

‘Circles of Life’ was created by over 500 kids and staff at this school in Dublin in memory of a much loved teacher that passed away.

Stained Glass is also a popular choice for memorials although the technique involved is not as suitable for groups to undertake. You could commission a feature window in your home or garden or a piece of stained glass in a freestanding frame.

Art Glass, The Art Hand, Waterford, Ireland

A range of Stained Glass Memorials made at The Art Hand in Waterford.

We have even incorporated stained glass into headstones like this one created by The O’Neill family. The whole family was involved throughout the entire design process and they took part in group workshops throughout assembly.

Stained Glass Headstone

These events are fitting tributes. They are conducted in a respectful way and we are sensitive to people’s emotions and privacy. Some people like us to take photos of the events and artworks and to share them online. Other people prefer to keep the event completely private. The choice is yours. Kids are more than welcome to take part and our facility is wheelchair friendly throughout.

Magic Mosaic TeamworkWhile our custom-built studio allows for an intimate experience we are also happy to bring a workshop to other locations whether it’s your home or a community hall. We have hosted special memorial events with over 500 members of the public and we have facilitated many memorials in schools around the country. Information about our work in schools can be viewed HERE.

Sand Art Sean Corcoran, The Art Hand

Not all of our memorial events result in a permanent artwork. Sean Corcoran creates massive drawings in the sand with groups using rakes. A symbolic artwork  dedicated to your loved one can be created on a beach of your choice.

An appropriate design is agreed in advance and all participants can join in once Sean has created the outline. It’s a very rewarding and therapeutic experience.

Photographs of the temporary sand art can be printed in large format to create a permanent record of the occasion.

Examples of our Beach art can be seen HERE.

Rock Art Relay on The Copper Coast

This piece entitled ‘1000 Rock Pathway to the Past’ was dedicated to our copper mining ancestors. Participants symbolically passed rocks from one to another in relay to create the temporary installation at Stage Cove in Bunmahon, County Waterford.

The Promenade Festival, Tramore

The ‘Symbol of Hope’ was designed for the opening ceremony of The Promenade Festival in Tramore to honour the 4 crew members that lost their lives in the Air Corps helicopter tragedy in 1999.

Here’s some examples of our memorial mosaics;

A dedicated blog for the ‘Circles of Life’ memorial mosaic at Saint Brigid’s Girls National School, Glasnevin, Dublin can be viewed HERE.

Photos and a statement from Sean Corcoran about Circles of Life can be seen HERE.

Photographs of The Solas Mosaic in Waterford City can be viewed HERE.

Each memorial is unique. Specific designs can be achieved with great detail or a more informal burst of colour. So whether it’s something monumental or something simple give Sean Corcoran a ring on 051 292919 to discuss some options.