Schedule for 3 day Stained Glass Course with Sean Corcoran @ The Art Hand

Stained Glass Course with Sean Corcoran @ The Art Hand

Welcome to The Art Hand. I hope you enjoy this stained glass course. You will have a beautiful A3 sized stained glass panel going home with you after the three days.

Please highlight any dietary requirements when you place your booking. We take photographs throughout the process; let us know if you don’t want us to put any pictures of you online. We suggest you also take a series of pictures of your progress during the course.

To follow is a list of all the different techniques you will be using to design and make your stained glass panel.

Course Times; Please note that depending on your design this can be quite a challenging course. More complicated designs will require that you stay later on Friday and Saturday than the times suggested below. Sean will be on hand to guide you and help you to stay on track. It is vital that all your glass is cut out by the end of the first day and your panel must be leaded by the end of the second day.

Friday……………Commences at 9am to an estimated time of 6pm
Saturday………..Commences at 9am to an estimated time of 6pm
Sunday………….Commences at 9am to an estimated time of 3pm

To start with I will give you an overview of the course.

Safety Notes;

Always wear Safety Glasses while cutting, snapping or grozing glass.

Glass is sharp, we have plenty of plasters!

We have Dust Masks if you would like to wear them to avoid soldering fumes and cementing dust. This is optional.

We have Latex Gloves which can be worn during cementing which can be messy.

Be careful with Liquid Flux, it is not kind on the hands and it splatters when the soldering iron is dipped into it.

Keep the table neat at all times, sweep it and remove scraps of glass, bits of solder and lead on an ongoing basis.

Avoid using your hands to sweep things off the table, that’s glass not bread crumbs!

Soldering irons get hot!

Mind your hair (and other peoples) if you are using the gas iron.

Never leave a hot soldering iron unattended.

Don’t wear crocks or sandals.

Don’t bring food into the Tool Room.

Don’t bring a drink into the Tool Room unless it has a lid on it.

Avoid drinks in Tool Room during the cementing process.

Don’t leave valuables in the Tool Room at lunchtime incase the door isn’t locked.

Scrub hands thoroughly before eating, especially after handling lead.

Drawing the Template …Day 1, before lunch.

Look at photos of some of my Stained Glass.

View previous templates and discuss design limitations.

Look at Glass. Look at Lead.

Design your A3 panel.

Aim for 30 to 40 pieces at the most.

If your design is too complex you will struggle to complete it on time.

Add a 7.5mm line around the edge with a biro (for the 12mm lead).

Draw in pencil first and go over with marker aiming for a 2mm wide line (max).

We aim to have the design completed before lunch.

We stop for lunch each day in our adjoining home at about 1.30.

Cutting the Glass …Day 1, after lunch.

Experiment with glass samples and choose final colours. Fill in on template.

Photocopy the completed A3 design.

Discuss each others design and colour scheme.

Discuss safety guidelines.

Glass Cutting Demonstration.

Practice cutting, snapping and grozing clear glass.

Cut the glass for your panel.

Sand the ones you need to.

We aim to have the glass cut by the end of the first day.

Leading the Panel …Day 2 (all day)

Tape your template to the MDF board.

Nail the board to the table.

Put all your glass on the photocopy.

Sweep up glass from floor.

Leading Demonstration and discuss safety guidelines.

Practice cutting 7mm lead.

Continuously plan and discuss with me which sequence of pieces you will lead. Be patient! You’ll get there…

Insert the pre-cut 12mm lead to the first 2 edges.

Lead the panel with the 7mm lead.

Demonstration of final leading of 12mm with glass strips and squaring panel.

Adjust any lead that is crooked or buckled.

We aim to have the panels leaded by the end of the 2nd day.

Soldering the panel …Day 3

Discuss safety guidelines.

Hammer down joints.

Tallow the joints.

Clean the soldering iron tip.

Solder the 1st side.

Heat off the remaining wax.

Cut off the 3 lead ‘ears’.

Hammer, tallow and solder 2nd side and heat off wax.

Add 2 copper wire hangers if required.

Clear the table.

Cementing and Polishing …Day 3.

First mix the Lead Light Cement (or putty and Zebrite).

Cement the 1st side of the panel, sprinkle and brush in some of the Calcium Carbonate (whiting powder) or unscented talcum powder. Repeat for the 2nd side. Check the 1st side again for excess cement. Don’t leave any cement or smears on the lead. Go off and have a cup of tea to allow the cement to harden a bit.

Bend down the edges of all the lead if the German technique of leading was used. Remove excess cement with a pointed stick. Polish the panel using Calcium Carbonate (or talcum powder) and various brushes and clothes.

Discuss each others panels, the colours, the glass…

Take note of any contacts, suppliers for glass or tools.

Photograph the panels.

Package the glass for it’s homeward journey…

Thank you, I hope you’ve enjoyed the course and will enjoy your new stained glass creation. Check out photos of the course on our Facebook page.


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