Animation, Film and Digital Art with Sean Corcoran

Animation CourseThis course is designed to introduce kids from the age of seven upwards to simple but effective techniques with animation, film and digital art. Sean Corcoran is available to bring this course to your school.

Each of the 5 classes will last 90 minutes with an additional set up time of about 15 minutes. One class will be delivered per week. It is important not to miss a week so that the momentum is maintained. The classes are designed to be practical, fun and achievable. Participants will gain an insight into the world of animation, film and digital art.

Equipment, Materials and Software provided by Sean; A Bradawl, An iPhone, Gif Animation App, Laptop, Camera, Tripod, Shutter Release Cord, Snail Set, Table Top Blackboard, Flat Screen TV, DVD’s of films, Movie Editing Software, Photoshop, A3 Printer and Printer Ink.

The following materials are usually provided by the school for these classes, if preferred we can also provide these items; A4 paper, A3 paper, HB Pencils, Stapler and Staples, Hole Punch, String, Play-Doh, Tin Foil, White Chalk, Damp Towel and Oil Pastels.


Each person in this class will create a paper animation in the form of a flip-book. No computers or technology, just plain and simple hand drawn animation. This will help to introduce the students to some of the most basic principles of animation.

A4 paper will be folded and ripped by hand into strips. Then it is carefully stapled together allowing each page to slightly overlap the previous one. Having chosen a theme each kid will draw a series of images on the pages so that when they are flicked through they become animated. Put a title on the cover, punch a hole in it and add a string to hang it.

An amount of dexterity is needed to successfully assemble the book but this is a very rewarding and consuming class. Each participant will complete at least one flip-book during this class.

Flip Books

Flip-Books made at The Art Hand


This is a very hands on class where everyone gets involved in creating the following 3 different Stop Motion Animations.

Gif Animation; An iPhone and a simple App will be used to demonstrate how easily a Gif animation can be made. A series of photographs are taken and are quickly animated by the App into a looping Gif Animation.

Snails on Tin Foil; Each participant will make a snail using Play-Doh and place it in a little set covered in Tin Foil. A camera on a tripod will be used to capture a series of photographs as the snails are moved into different positions. This is the basic method that was used to make Wallace and Gromit.


Screenshot of a Snail Animation, made at The Art Hand

The short video above is an example of the kind of results that can be achieved with Stop Motion Snails even in a busy classroom full of excited boys!

Chalk Animation; An overhead camera on a tripod captures a series of still images as participants collaboratively add and subtract chalk from a blackboard that is laid on a table. Each student in turn will get to direct the shoot by calling ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’ and pressing the shutter release cord at the appropriate moments. I shall join the images together as an animation and it will be shown at the start of the next class.

Chalk Animation

Screenshot of a Chalk Animation created at The Art Hand

The video above is an example of a Time Lapse Chalk Animation created by Sean Corcoran

3. FILM;

During this class we shall watch and discuss a series of films that I recently completed called The Copper Coast Miners. These films will be permanently displayed at the Copper Coast Geopark Centre in Bunmahon when it’s museum exhibition is installed.

There are 6 short films in the series that portray different aspects of life back in the mining era of the 1800’s. Over 150 actors and local people were involved in the production of these films that show the living conditions and way of life of mining families, the mining industry itself and the Geology of the Copper Coast.

We will also look at a separate film that shows how the series of films was made. I will ask questions about each film that will spark debate. Students will be enlightened by the content of the films but will also begin to understand the process of film-making. I will bring a flat screen TV to show the films.

Screenshot from 'Down the Ladder'

Screenshot from ‘Down the Ladder’

The video above shows a very short excerpt from Down the Ladder


Following on from the previous weeks viewing and discussion we will make our own short film. We will shoot a film during this class using a Canon 5D camera. Each student will be involved in developing the concept for the film, each will be featured in the film and each will be involved in filming it. The resulting footage will be edited by me and shown at the start of the next class.



Each student will take a digital photograph of themselves. We will then load each picture onto my laptop and open them in Photoshop. I will collaborate with each student to achieve the desired effect on their individual portraits by dramatically adjusting each image.

The edited images will then be printed on a colour A3 printer that I shall bring. Using Oil Pastels each student will then colour the prints to achieve the end result. Andy Warhol used a very similar process to this to produce his paintings back in the 1960’s.

Pop Art Self Portraits

Pop Art Self Portraits created at The Art Hand

Let me know if this kind of course is of interest for your school and I can give you some options and costs. Sean Corcoran.

The above video shows a little Sand Art Time Lapse I created. It’s not part of this 5 week course but it might give you another idea. Check out the film page of this website to find out what other kind of film work we undertake HERE.

Here’s 5 of the collaborative films that were made during a Film and Animation Camp for Kids facilitated by Sean Corcoran;

EXPRESSIONS…Animated People Workshop; HERE.

Chalk Animation; HERE.

Monster Mash Remix! (Kids stop-motion short film); HERE.

She’s Alright! (Kids stop-motion short film); HERE.

Villains and Heroes (an 8 minute kids film)…HERE.


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