Stained Glass and Mosaic

Stained Glass to Order

Apart from running Art Courses in Stained Glass stormy-waters-stained-glassand Mosaic we can also custom make it. We can create decorative glass for door panels and feature windows for your home or business.

We can make mosaics for indoors or outdoors and we carry a huge variety of materials including tiles, glass, stone, shells, beads, buttons and marbles.

Mosaic Map detail by Sean Corcoran The Art Hand

Mosaics can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or on a garden wall. Mosaics can also be made on framed boards that can be hung on a wall.


Signage and logos can be created in both stained glass and mosaic.


reconstructed-mosaic-bowlWhile our stained glass and mosaics are made using traditional methods we are always experimenting with new and exciting techniques like the toughened glass screen below that is cast in resin.


We like to test the boundaries of the art-form like reconstructing old fragments of plates and cups found in fields to make the bowl to the right.


We undertake Collaborative Mosaics in Schools around the country. Everyone is involved!


Circles of Life 087

Collaborative Mosaic

We also facilitate Creative Team Events for community groups, charities and businesses. The photo to the right shows a large collaborative mosaic being made for the Solas, the Cancer Support Centre.

We undertake Memorials in stained glass or mosaic. They often involve the participation of a whole family or a community. Have a look at our Memorials page HERE.



Sean Corcoran has nearly 30 years experience with glass and mosaic and has a custom-built studio for it at The Art Hand.

We also carry a range of stained glass that is for sale like in the image to the left. Previous examples and prices for some of this glass can be viewed HERE. Contact us and we can let you know what currently available stock we have.





We can also carry out stained glass repairs. Depending on the damage this can often be done in position or alternatively we can do a full restoration at our studio.

Sean Corcoran’s style as an artist is very vibrant and bold but if you would prefer something more traditional we can also design something appropriate for the setting.



In the video below you will see lots of examples of traditional stained glass for doors and windows that we have made both here and at Sean’s previous studio at The Salvage Shop. Click the enlarge button to view full screen.


In the video below we have included a vast range of stained glass motifs and designs that we have made. Click the enlarge button to view full screen.


So whether you have an idea for something big or small in stained glass or mosaic please get in touch HERE and we can look at a few options.