Stained Glass

We teach Stained Glass!  We are currently offering an opportunity for students to receive tuition on a one to one basis with artist Sean Corcoran in our studio at The Art Hand. We also custom make stained glass for private homes and public buildings.

One of our former students Paula showing off her stained glass creation.

Stained Glass One to One Tuition…

Would you like to learn how to make stained glass?

We are delighted to offer an opportunity for a student to join Sean Corcoran in our stained glass studio at The Art Hand. This is not a group workshop. Tuition is given on a one to one basis.

Individual panels that were made here by former Stained Glass students.

Never worked with glass before?

Not a problem, the tuition will be matched to your abilities and experience. It’s one to one tuition after all! All materials and equipment in the studio will be at your disposal with expert guidance from Sean.

We have a vast range of colours and types of glass to choose from.

What’s involved in making Stained Glass?


During your stay you will learn how to design and make your own Stained Glass. The techniques used are the traditional ones that have been used for centuries.

Choosing the colours, cutting the glass and leading the panel.

The main tasks involved in making stained glass are as follows;


  • Drawing a Template.
  • Choosing Colours.
  • Cutting the Glass.
  • Leading Glass together.
  • Soldering the joints.
  • Cementing your completed panel.
Stained Glass workshop class waterford ireland

Milia recently completed 9 days tuition with Sean Corcoran.

1 Days Tuition; If you’d like an introduction to stained glass we can facilitate a one to one workshop where you will make an A4 piece of stained glass. A template will be provided and you will get to choose the colours, cut the glass and lead it together under Sean’s supervision. The cost for 1 days tuition is €180. 9am to 6pm.

3 Days Tuition; In this amount of time it will be possible for a complete beginner to design and make a panel with a simple design that is A3 in size (29.7cm x 42.0cm). The cost for 3 days tuition is €480. The 3 agreed days must run consecutively.

6 Days Tuition; If you are doing 6 days tuition it is possible for a complete beginner to design and make 2 panels with a simple design that are A3 in size (29.7cm x 42.0cm). Alternatively you could make 1 larger panel (up to A2). The cost for 6 days tuition is €780. The 6 agreed days can run consecutively or can be spread over a 2 week period. Exact dates must be agreed with Sean prior to commencement.

9 Days Tuition; If you are doing 9 days tuition it is possible for a complete beginner to design and make 3 panels with a simple design that are A3 in size (29.7cm x 42.0cm). Alternatively you could make a different combination of sizes of the equivalent area. The cost for 9 days tuition is €980. The 9 agreed days can be spread over a 2 or 3 week period. Exact dates must be agreed with Sean prior to commencement.

Sorry no weekends; Tuition is currently only available on week days.

Exact dates must be agreed with Sean prior to commencement.

Tuition from 9am to 6pm each day.

A deposit is required to book a place.

Full payment is due on arrival.

Participants must bring their own packed lunch each day.

Tea and Coffee available throughout the day.

Stained Glass to Order

A message from Sean Corcoran about this opportunity; “Up to now I’ve been teaching stained glass to 3 or 4 people at a time. This hasn’t allowed me to create any meaningful work of my own. Having only 1 student present in the studio means that I can offer more focused tuition while at the same time it disciplines me to be more creative with my time. Many of the tasks involved are repetitive. Your mind will wander, you’ll listen to the wireless for hours on end. You’ll spend time on your own too but I’ll never be far away and will visit the studio regularly to guide you through each step. I’ll be working on my own projects too so there will also be an opportunity to see some other creations unfold.”

Stained Glass by Sean Corcoran, The Art Hand

Sean Corcoran is a respected Stained Glass

Sean Corcoran, artistic director of The Art Hand, Bunmahon, The Copper Coast, Artist, Tutor.

Stained glass tutor Sean Corcoran.

Artist with over 30 years experience. He has undertaken commissions large and small as well as creating exhibition pieces. He is the Artistic Director of The Art Hand.

The Art Hand is located on the Waterford Coast at the heart of an area called The Copper Coast. We’re between two very small villages called Bunmahon and Annestown. We are in a remote location, on the cliffs, close to the ruins of the old copper mines in Tankardstown.

Food and Accommodation; Perhaps you would like to avail of our Air B&B facility. We have a small loft adjoining the main studio with spectacular views over our roof garden and the coastline beyond. We can also provide you with all daily meals if you require. Just let us know and we can give you a cost on a food and accommodation package.

Custom Made Stained Glass; Apart from teaching Stained Glass we can also custom make decorative glass for door panels and feature windows for your home or business.We also carry a range of stained glass that is for sale like in the image below.


Sean Corcoran’s style as an artist is very vibrant and bold but if you would prefer something more traditional we can design something appropriate for the setting.

We can also carry out stained glass repairs. Depending on the damage this can often be done in position or alternatively we can do a full restoration at our studio.



In the video below you will see lots of examples of traditional stained glass for doors and windows that we have made both here and at Sean’s previous studio at The Salvage Shop. Click the enlarge button to view full screen.

In the video below we have included a vast range of stained glass motifs and designs that we have made. Click the enlarge button to view full screen.

So whether you have an idea for something big or small please get in touch HERE and we can look at a few options.