Beach Art

Sean Corcoran creates massive sand art drawings with a rake on beaches around Ireland and the UK. The artworks are professionally captured with high resolution photography and 4k aerial videography.

Sand Art Sean Corcoran Beach Waterford Ireland

Sand Art Sean Corcoran Waterford Ireland

Sand Art Sean Corcoran Waterford Ireland

Sand Art Waterford Ireland

Breathe Sand Art Sean Corcoran Waterford Ireland

Large Poster Prints of the images are currently available for sale in our online shop HERE. Four different sizes up to four foot wide can be ordered and shipped worldwide.

Got something to say?

Whether it’s a marriage proposal, a birthday surprise, a charity campaign or an event promotion if Sean likes your idea he’ll do it in epic scale at a beach of your choice!

Sand Art Sean Corcoran Waterford Ireland

Sand Art Sean Corcoran Waterford Ireland

Sand Art Sean Corcoran Waterford We Love You R117

Beach Art by Sean Corcoran, Waterford, Ireland.









Viral videos and short films…

We can produce professional short films and can advise on best practices for online video campaigns involving sand art. So whether the project requires aerial footage or a full film crew we are happy to offer you a full package. Our preferred film partner for these projects is professional lighting cameraman Paddy Barron (4K Drone Guy). Paddy has worked in TV all around the world for over 20 years and has a great eye for finding the drama whether from his drone, gimbal or fixed cameras.

How is the Sand Art made?

Many of Seans artworks are solo and he is the only person to witness and photograph them. He works all year round in often remote and hard to reach locations. The majority of his work is freehand without the use of string or measuring tapes. Many of his drawings are impromptu as he responds to each individual location. This is environmental art. Sean chooses the best low tides each month and often only has two or three hours to complete a drawing before the tide returns. More elaborate drawings have involved teams of up to 28 volunteers and he loves to collaborate with other artists, photographers and filmmakers.

The video above shows the creation of a 300 foot wide sacred symbol called a Sri Yantra. This was part of an international challenge. In order to represent the symbol as accurately as possible Sean’s team in this case included two engineers using gps guided rovers and 16 satellites with a tolerance of 5mm!

Group Events…

These activities suit everything from family reunions, birthday parties, hen parties and school tours to business outings and corporate team building events. So whatever the occasion why not try something a bit different.

Team Building Event Waterford



We also facilitate ROCK ART RELAYS for groups. This consists of making large designs with rocks in the sand by passing rocks from one to another like a relay race!

Beach Art Workshop WaterfordTeamwork is central to these fun and rewarding workshops. There is also a unique piece of art to show for all the exertions, even if it is only temporary!

This video shows a Rock Art Relay in progress. This one was called 1000 Rock Pathway to the Past as it was a tribute to our copper mining ancestors. It was commissioned by The Ground Beneath Our Hearts project.

Beach Art Ireland Sean Corcoran All that remains are the photos and videos as the tide claims all in the end.

Make a day of it!

If the event is on The Copper Coast why not visit our studio…

The Art Hand Studio Stained Glass Mosaic

We can provide homemade lunch in our adjoining home…

The Art Hand is located at the heart of The Copper Coast in County Waterford. It’s one of Ireland’s most spectacular coastal regions with lots of beaches and coves nestled between high cliffs and rugged landscape.

The Copper Coast Sand Art Waterford Ireland




OM KALI is a Sand Art and Mantra collaboration with renowned singer song writer Cheryl Beer. Location; Bunmahon Beach, Waterford.



Bring Sean Corcoran to your Seaside Festival…

Sean has participated in many coastal festivals around Ireland and the UK. He has quite a following with many of his projects going viral or ending up on TV.  In an ideal situation it would be great for spectators to view the sand art from a vantage point overhead. As this is not always possible it is often the photos and videos that create a lasting legacy of Seans participation.

Depending on the assignment Sean often looks for volunteers in the area to take part in the artworks. He can also run daily workshops as part of his contribution to the festival. This allows festival goers to meet him and have a go themselves. Sand castle competitions with tips and tricks from Sean are also a great attraction for families.

Short documentary made by Lighthouse Films during a festival in the UK.

Sand Art by Sean Corcoran

‘Celtic Fish’…Spittal Seaside Festival, Northumberland, UK.

‘Spittal Tentacles’…Spittal Seaside Festival, Northumberland, UK.

‘The Spittal Creature’…Spittal Seaside Festival, Northumberland, UK.

Fish!…Sunrise Sand Art Challenge for the Skerries Soundwaves Festival, Dublin.

‘Jack in the Beanstalk’…Sunrise Sand Art Challenge, Soundwaves Festival, Dublin.

‘Jack’s Creature’…Sunrise Sand Art Challenge, Skerries Soundwaves Festival, Dublin.

Soundwaves Logo…Skerries Soundwaves Festival, Dublin.

The Seaweed Puzzle…Comeraghs Wild Festival, Waterford.

‘Tá Tú Anseo’…for Freedom Surf School at Seachtaine na Gaeilge, Tramore.

Promo for Yogafest Tramore, County Waterford.

Sean Corcoran has the following to say about Beach Art;


Sean Corcoran Sand Art BunmahonThere’s a strange sense of time standing still; self-conscious worldly woes are left behind, as if there is no past or future, just the present. Apart of course for the inevitable tides approach.

Sean Corcoran Beach ArtistI love seeing the reaction from passers-by who might not be exposed to art too often. I have to admit I like to be an anonymous spectator when the artwork is complete and have conversations with anyone who comes along. The conversation is never as honest if they know I’ve made it and some of the comments are priceless!Sand Art Tramore Sean Corcoran

Collaborative art has become a very important part of my art and life. I love the challenge of trying to connect with a large group of people through art. I find creating beach art with groups to be very rewarding.

10 (10)

Participants often say that the experience is uplifting and therapeutic on many different levels. The fact that the tide will wash it all away creates a poignant atmosphere yet the unity of purpose makes it a joyous occasion. People can connect with themselves and others in a very simple way.

Beach Art Waterford Ireland

It’s good exercise too, running around in the fresh sea air whatever the weather! Have a go yourself, bring a rake to the beach or join me on one of our group workshops or community events. 

Beach Art Waterford Ireland Sean Corcoran

Most of my beach art is created on the Copper Coast and in Tramore but if you’d like to commission me I’d be happy to take on a challenge at your local beach.

Sean Corcoran Beach Artist Waterford Ireland











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