About Us

Hi there, I’m Sean Corcoran. My wife Miranda and I run The Art Hand. It’s a family business and we’re both full-time professional artists. Below are some brief details about us with links to further information.

Sean Corcoran; Over the years I have worked mainly in stained glass and mosaic and I am a film-maker and map-maker. I devised and co-founded The Promenade Festival in Tramore. My Dad and I ran a business called The Salvage Shop which had a considerable reputation based on the art we produced, the many successful exhibitions we hosted and a strong association with Jim Nolan’s play The Salvage Shop. As an environmental artist I like to work in lots of different media. Beach Art is my current creative passion. I love to collaborate so if you have any ideas please get in touch.

Have a look at my hand drawn Maps HERE.

An up to date copy of my CV can be viewed online HERE.

My LinkedIn page can be viewed HERE.

My You Tube channel is HERE.

Miranda Corcoran; Hello there and welcome to The Art Hand! As an artist I create vivid paintings of stars, moons, planets and flowers. I use gold, silver and copper leaf in my work as well as jewels, gems and buttons. I use many different application techniques and have had 3 highly successful solo exhibitions.

I paint currently on glass but come from a background of working with silk, velvet and cotton using batik, tie dye, silk screen and patchwork. I studied at Grennan Mill Craft School where I also studied metalwork.

My work forms part of the Waterford City Municipal Art Collection, the Waterford Institute of Technology Autobiographical Collection and the Waterford Teachers Association Art Collection. My work hangs on walls in every corner of Ireland and beyond. Looking forward to seeing you at The Art Hand.