Say it in the Sand

Hi all, we’re delighted to say that we’ve just launched a new initiative to encourage people to create a message in the sand for a loved one that has passed away. Like a simple tribute in the sand. I would like to ask you to please join the Facebook group page and add your friends around the world. Thank you.

Say it in the Sand is a new worldwide initiative to encourage people to write a message in the sand as a tribute to a loved one that has passed away. Whether the person has died of old age, illness or a tragedy there are often unresolved emotions that need to be addressed.

So how do you ‘Say it in the Sand’? Yes you will need to be able to access the coastline to do this but you won’t need any special equipment, just bring along a stick or you could even make your mark with your bare hands. If you are happy to do so please share some photos with the group and tell us about your experience.

Sand Artist Sean Corcoran is one of the founders of ‘Say it in the Sand’ and he had the following to say;

I have facilitated many memorials down through the years, from small private gatherings to larger public events and collaborative artworks. The process of sand art is very therapeutic and participants often feel a real inner peace and a connection to the surroundings. The temporary nature of what is made has its own poignancy. Whatever emotions surface during the process can be dealt with in an uncluttered way. There’s the chance to wipe the slate clean as the tide washes it all away in an uplifting way. I really hope that people around the world will create their own tributes and share them with the group.

Mags O’Riordain is also one of the founders of the initiative and she has already created a memorial to her late husband Donal and her brother Nen. The ‘Say it in the Sand’ initiative was officially launched in Ireland at the Donal O’ Connor Memorial Cycle on World Suicide Prevention Day 2018. Mags had the following to say;

Suicide steals peace. It takes your peace of mind leaving you filled with relentless questions and an overwhelming burden of guilt. That’s why I was very surprised to feel a real sense of calm and peace today working on my sand art tribute to my boys. Before I knew it there were tears coming down my face and I just started writing the things I wanted to lose – pain, worry, guilt – and the things I wanted to keep – friends, family, love. It’s incredibly peaceful, all you can hear is the sea and the lapping of the waves. I felt like I was in a dream, my mind stopped whirring and I was just watching the words take shape – it was a unique experience. I don’t know how much I wrote but the waves just kept coming and washing them all away. I went for a paddle in the sea afterwards and let the waves come in over my feet, it felt like a release. Like letting go. It was cathartic. I felt like I had the weight on my shoulders washed away. I would urge everyone to go do the same – it’s incredibly uplifting.

So why not go to your local beach and say it in sand? You’ll be delighted you did. Please invite your friends and family to join this group, people that share their tributes could do with as much support as possible. Thank you. X

About Sean Corcoran

Artistic Director of The Art Hand in Bunmahon on Waterford's Copper Coast, Ireland. An Art School that runs courses in Stained Glass, Mosaic, Batik and Beach Art. I'm a Sand Artist, drawing massive pictures on beaches with a rake!
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